Inspyr Agency

I first heard Kristin Moore, owner of a local marketing agency called INSPYR, on a local podcast, and I said "that gal is awesome." When I had the opportunity to help her business, I knew I'd also be helping countless other businesses in Bloomington-Normal by extension.


My role with INSPYR has been in an advisory capacity, as I've really just tried to coach and encourage a local business which possesses values and mission that match my own. When it comes to helping local business use their marketing budget well, there's no one better in town than INSPYR, and I hope to be part of their team and mission for years to come.


INSPYR, like any local business, has challenges to face, but this relationship wasn't born so much out of a challenge as it was out of opportunity. Their team was already in a pretty good spot by the time I spoke with Kristin, so the opportunity was to pour rocket fuel into an engine that was already humming along nicely.


I've continued to be impressed by what INSPYR has accomplished, partnering with local Bloomington-Normal businesses and organizations, as well as creating a workplace that facilitates a healthy work-life balance for its employees. They've grown tremendously over the past couple years, and I hope to keep strengthening their team dynamic and cultural pillars.


What The Client Said
ā€œI have been working with Robbie as a consultant/coach for my business for over two years. He has been essential in guiding me professionally with thoughtful advice for both my business and personal life. Iā€™m thankful for the wisdom, thoughtfulness, and insight he brings to every conversation. Robbie provides objective encouragement giving me an added level of comfort and trust that is needed when speaking openly about my business, life, and more.ā€
- Kristin Moore