Catalyst Construction

Serving Central Illinois' Commercial construction Needs

If you are considering a remodel or new build, the whole process can seem overwhelming. I’ll sit down with you and your team to dig deep, come up with new ways to grow your culture, and expand your offerings in the marketplace through the use of space. Not only do I have a sixth sense for environments, but you can also trust my relationships with local architects, engineers, and my ability to leverage the full team of Catalyst Construction to deliver your project. We've got experienced project estimators, project managect managers, and site superintendents to steward your resources & deliver a great end product. Catalyst Construction is an industry leader of commercial construction in Central, IL & is well positioned to leverage our experience & process, so you can rely on our partnership to always work with your best interest in mind! I believe that spaces can and should be holistically creative, strategically functional, and resource conscious. With my experience working for and with Catalyst Construction, I can show you how to create meaningful spaces where your team can thrive and lean into their potential.

I strive to do commercial construction & real estate development differently from other firms in Central Illinois — I want to build value in our community by building relationships with my clients, working together with them to solve problems and seize opportunities. I firmly believe that the most important part of my work is leaving a lasting impact on the urban fabric of Bloomington and Central Illinois – and in the connections we’ve made in the process.