Father, Friend, Career coach, Motivational speaker

I am a husband & father who works professionally as a Speaker, Coach & Leader of People. After an early career in design, and then founding a school in 2008, I began accepting opportunities to speak, coach & consult with other schools, non-profit organizations & businesses all centered around my core mission of Empowering Others to Live a Life Worthy of their Calling.


Career Help: Helping People Find Their Calling In The Workplace

I now serve as the Vice President & Chief Potential Officer of Cybernautic, a web design & digital strategy firm, while still maintaining my various collaborative & consultative efforts in various projects at large. I am an “elder statesman” of the Millennial Generation, and work passionately as an advocate to bridge the gap, as the Millennial Generation transitions into our workforce & culture. I'm told that my passion, sense of humor & compelling message makes a positive dent in people’s lives, and I’m always looking for ways to do more of just that!



I realized my ability & desire to speak, teach & motivate as a 7th grade student, leading the efforts of my Junior High school to better engage & transition incoming 6th grade students. Over the past 20 years this desire & ability has put me in a variety of settings & demographics, but all of it centered around the need in the world that I feel I was created to meet, which is POTENTIAL.  Whether this is a room full of students, educators, professionals or congregants, I consistently work to bring an enlightening message & a unique perspective that is intended to affect change in people’s lives!



Robbie O, TEDxNormal's 2016 Keynote Speaker


Robbie O's Six Years As Prinicipal of LeRoy Prep Academy