Consulting for Small Businesses, Leaders, and Nonprofit Organizations


Over the past 15 years I have had the privilege of coming alongside leaders, organizations, and individuals from central IL to help them better understand who they are and how they are to best move forward in the community around them. Much of my philosophy has been shaped by the many books and training of Patrick Lencioni and his consulting practice “The Table Group.”


As a business consultant, I try to work with my clients on various aspects of planning, strategy, and problem-solving. I can also provide information and guidance to help executives or upper management master business skills in their unique industry.

Whether working 1 on 1 or with leadership teams, I work to help organizations find their way towards a greater sense of organizational health and culture. This results in cohesive, engaged teams who can confidently work towards a unified goal. My personal story is rooted in the pursuit of helping others find clarity in their mission, go after their potential, and thrive in a way that brings life to everyone within reach. 

I believe this is best achieved by meeting people where they are, asking the hard questions, and getting to the heart of what defines their pursuits in life. Each story is unique, and I’m here to listen and help you better express your potential!

Advantages of Hiring A Business Consultant

  1. Outside Perspective
  2. Access to Resources
  3. New Skills & Experience
  4. Save Time, Money, & Stress
  5. Goal Setting


When you call in a business consultant for assistance, you can expect them to have expertise in a specific market. In my case, you can expect local expertise, which can be especially helpful in markets where by the time it's posted online, it's too late. Consultants offer unique knowledge and skill sets, which can help identify problems and initiate changes. You can also count on a business consultant to provide constructive criticism, train and inspire employees.


the importance of Marketing & Branding

A crucial part of any successful business is having a clear message and value proposition. Throughout my time as Vice President and Chief Potential Officer of Cybernautic in Bloomington/Normal, I’ve had the privilege of connecting creative and business professionals of many different trades who believe in the value of collaboration and communicating the right story.

I can work with you and your team to help you find clarity and confidence in your mission, vision, and goals, as well as build an effective marketing strategy to accomplish those goals and realize potential. Your story is worth telling and I can help you share it with purpose and confidence!

What Clients Have to Say
"Robbie has a unique gift in coaching organizational culture. His work with our team was a pivotal time for Young America, as we navigated a company rebrand and took an introspective look at recommitting to our core values. He spent time working with each person on our leadership team and helped redefine roles to best meet our individual strengths. I highly recommend him."
- Andy Netzer, President of Young America Realty
“I have been working with Robbie as a consultant/coach for my business for over two years. He has been essential in guiding me professionally with thoughtful advice for both my business and personal life. I’m thankful for the wisdom, thoughtfulness, and insight he brings to every conversation. Robbie provides objective encouragement giving me an added level of comfort and trust that is needed when speaking openly about my business, life, and more.”
- Kristin Moore, CEO of Inspyr Agency