Clarity in Calling

An interactive process to guide you or your organization forward.

This project was born out of a time in my life when I was asking some of life's biggest questions. Questions like, "Who am I?", "What am I doing with my life?, or "What is my purpose?" Life is full of twists & turns, and sometimes we all feel stuck, or at the end of our rope not knowing what to do next. I have been there, and want to help. This online video course will guide you through a process that will empower you to find direction in your career, health in your relationships, and a plan to stay on track!


After a catalytic turning-point in my own life, as I shared in my TedX Talk, I narrowed these questions down to a singular, “What is my calling?” My own experiences have led me to realizing that sometimes the answer is in the question: how can I best help others find clarity in their calling and chase potential when they find it?


The result was a program that revolves around answering these hard questions in a way that digs deep, demands honesty, and challenges individuals to be equipped to make a change NOW instead of the “SOMEDAY.” 


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The Challenge

This project was born out of a need in my community for people looking for someone to guide them towards a more meaningful life. The challenge was I personally did not have enough time in this season of my life to personally invest 1 on 1 with each individual looking for help. So, how do you digitally provide the means and resources that’ll equip individuals to find clarity in their talents, their desires, and path forward in their career?

The Results

A multimedia program that leads to empowered, confident individuals who have a deeper sense of clarity and purpose in their potential beyond just career, but as thriving members of their communities and families.  Over the past five years, thousands of individuals, hundreds of couples & dozens of organizations have leveraged this process to take meaningful steps forward!

How Lives Were Changed
"I had more questions than answers & this process has brought tremendous clarity & meaning to my career & family."
- Michael Harris Jr.
"I was stuck & after going through this process, Robbie gave me permission to hit the gas on my life!"
- Kody Shields
"I was growing restless & this process helped change the lens through which I see my current opportunities to move others forward through my role"
- Becky Lamont