Associates in Dermatology

This project was initially born out of a collaborative relationship with Spoon Creative, a branding & ad agency with offices in Bloomington & Chicago. I was asked to help a local organization achieve clarity with their mission, vision, and core values, and over the next few months, I did my best to facilitate that.


This was a really fun project for many reasons, but one in particular — it's clear that the practice cares a lot about their clients and community, as well as their staff. After we helped unearth the "why" behind their work, we helped create new systems of accountability and encouragement to keep their entire organization, from the top all the way down, on mission.


To cap this project off, we worked with Cybernautic to develop a custom website that fits their new brand.

The Challenge

The challenge for Associates In Dermatology was a familiar one for small businesses — outdated branding that no longer represented their mission, as well as something of an identity conflict. At some point, every small business reaches a crossroad and must re-assess their "why." 

The Results

Our collaboration was a success, not only for this local Bloomington-Normal dermatology practice, but for myself as well. It was clear that Dr. Brander & Dr. Wisdom care a great deal about their clients, staff, and community, and we walked away from this project having designed modern, classy branding that better speaks to who they are and what they represent. But it was more than a rebrand — they wanted to build a culture that encouraged their team and helped each member reach their potential.