14150 Carole Dr.

Windy City Towers Relocation

The Windy City Towers relocation project started because a local business owner was experiencing a good kind of problem — his business was growing fast, and they were quickly running out of space at their old office space. Founded in 2005, Windy City Towers is a local commercial and electrical contractor specializing in the telecommunications industry and servicing all the major carriers including: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.


Based in Central Illinois and serving the entire Midwest, they wanted a space that was close to the interstate, making it easy for them to travel as needed, but would also facilitate their expansion. This was a fun project, and I think it'll be neat to see how they continue to grow and how their new space will better help them serve the Midwest.

The Challenge

Of all the challenges a local small business might face, growing out of its current building might be one of the better ones. The Windy City Towers team was practically bursting at the seams in their old space, with the parking lot packed full on any given day and no dedicated office space for growing administrative needs. They enlisted me to help them dream of what a new space might look like, knowing that my familiarity with Central Illinois would give them a head start in their search.

The Results

Their team and I spent 18 or so months outlining what the ideal space would look like for them and then searching for a building that fit the bill. The space we found at 14150 Carol Dr turned out to be perfect! In fact, it's worked out so well that they're posting employment opportunities looking to expand their team.