216 E. Grove St.

Grove & Prairie Warehouse

This one's my baby. For me, the Grove & Prairie Warehouse is a 36,000 square foot blank canvas, with near-limitless potential for development. Initially, I was originally looking into the building for Cybernautic, as they were looking for a place to house their global headquarters. While Chad Parker and I both loved the building, it didn't exactly fit what he was envisioning for Cybernautic, so I began to dream of some other options. This building pushed me to follow through and finalize the process of acquiring my real estate license, and it's been a great creative outlet for me and those working with me. One of my favorite parts of my work in consulting & real estate development is getting to see people, organizations, and buildings reach their full potential, and I'm beyond excited to see this one come to fruition. Construction will be complete on this project in January of 2022!If you have any interest in leasing one of our 12 co:working private office suites, or our last remaining 2,000 SF office suite, please contact me today to setup a tour & walk through the plans!

We look forward to the wonderful community culture that is begining to take shape in this building with anchor tenants like, Catalyst Construction, Mid-America Insurance, Clear Design Group, Meltdown Creative & The Forgotten Initiative who will all be moving into this space in the coming months! For more information check out:



The Challenge

While I see a lot of potential with this building, and I've tossed around ideas like having a mural on the outside facing Main St, the reality is a building like this requires a lot of work and attention. It requires assembling talented people to tackle the work on the to-do list. But that challenge is also part of what makes real estate development worth it — if it was easy, everyone would do it!

The Results

The results from this project so far have been encouraging, but the best is yet to come! Construction is set to begin in summer 2021, and we hope this project helps build a brighter Blono! It's been a privilege to work with Kyle Glandon of Workbench Architects, a local Bloomington-Normal architecture firm, and the guys at Catalyst Construction have made the process about as easy as can be.