What Works...Love & Logic 2.0

REstoring Right Relationships w/ Children

My first exposure to the world of special education came through a job shadow experience I had at Hammit School, a community outreach effort of The Baby Fold.  After one day in that unique environment, I was offered a job as a Teacher Therapist Assistant. The first training I received was on a philosophy of education & parenting called Love & Logic. 


A couple years later, as I began my efforts at The LeRoy Preparatory Academy, I built the foundation & school culture around the concept of Right Relationships & the strategies taught through Love & Logic. As time went one, I began to be asked to come speak & train other educators on the strategies & philosophies that led to our success at the LPA, and thus began my professional efforts as a speaker & trainer.


Over time, the Love & Logic professional development & motivational message I provided morphed into “What Works,” which was a very fluid conglomeration of strategies & stories that thankfully made a consistent positive dent into the lives of educators & parents around the state!


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