What Now Conference

Uncovering who you TRULY are and the NEED in the world YOU are best suited to meet.


The What Now Conference is set up to be a 2 day immersive experience, for adults of all ages to embark on together! 

Unlike most conferences, the majority of this 2 day retreat is meant to be spent in reflection & conversation between participants in some aspect of community or relationship. I'm hoping those who participate will be inspired by the content that I provide, intermixed with several extended breakout times for meaningful conversations all shaped & guided by the Clarity in Calling process. 

This process comes from my own journey that I have compiled & have been using for the past 3 years to help hundreds of others become more self aware & find direction in life.

So, grab a friend, mentor or small group & come ready to do the hard but meaningful work of uncovering your Calling!

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