The Square Group

Something Way Bigger than Me

Over the past 10 years, a theme of spare peg, round hole has really resonated with me.  The more I go through this life, I realize that all of us are square pegs, full of tremendous capacity & individual passions looking for their place in this world. As doors have opened for me to partner with other “square peg, round hole” sojourners, I continue to have a dream that one day I might have the opportunity to more officially & consistently work & lead within the context of a transforming community of square pegs, to be an exponent in the lives & efforts of others.  For now, I journey both alone & together in a beautiful & messy ecosystem of like minded people & congruent efforts, with the dream of some day rallying a true team together to carry these efforts forward with some longevity.


For now, feel free to peruse the 17th iteration of a 1 page document seeking to provide clarity in this effort:



The Square Group PDF