The REtreat

Intentionally Designed Environments Set Apart to Encourage RE

In June of 1989 I first began dreaming and asking God that someday He might allow me to use my gifts to create spaces for people to get away & REconnect with Him.  This has resulted in countless floor plans & sitemaps being drawn, pitches being made & unfortunately crowbars being used to try and force open doors that were not yet ready to be opened to see the dream become a reality.


While this continues to be a pursuit & passion of mine, I have come to grips with my timing & plans are not near as great as I sometimes think they are.  As I continue to surrender and submit this to God, He continues to bring people & opportunities into my path reminding me that He has a plan, and it is way better than mine! Most recently 1 person has been brought into my path that shows me that He continues to be up to something!



Robert Kundel Jr.


Bob is a classic square peg, round hole innovator who after a harmless Google search for ideas on how to build a retreat center, stumbled across me & my dream of one day building a retreat center, and from their have struck up quite a partnership & friendship. Bob is the Chief Operating Officer at Kundel Cranes, and holds several patents, with an expertise in functional innovative tool design.  Bob recently patented the first new powertool in 18 years, the rollabrader, and has licensed his design to bring this tool to market very soon. 


God has put a vision on his heart, to leverage the funds generated from this tool to build a retreat center, specifically geared to help pastors & leaders find restoration & healing.  Bob and I talk regularly and continue to step out in faith together, not fully knowing the plan, but confident that we will someday work together in some official capacity to use the gifts given to us, to bring retreat to pastors & leaders.


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