The Institute for Leadership & Calling

A Transforming Community of Intentional People

If you haven't figured it out by now, I care a great deal about people living lives worthy of their calling! As a result, I care deeply about leadership, as it is the responsibility of to best steward the human beings & their unique callings, under ones influence. I hope that someday we as people of faith, can take a more meaningful & engaging approach to invest into the next generation here in our commuinity. After having spent time at NextDoor & seen the ridiculously positive & meaningful effect that this endeavor has had on the next generation in that community, I can't help by wonder what we could apply from that model into our own community. 


I would love to someday have an engaging space in Uptown Normal, to invest into upper High School, College age & Young Adults around the concepts of Calling & Leadership. I would love to engage the retiring community of "Baby Boom" leaders in our community to really take the Bloomington-Normal Mentor Network to the next level! I would love to have an active student internship program, where nominated young leaders of leaders grow in the ways of Truly Human Leadership & Clarity in Calling. I would love for these student interns to work as a part of multi-disciplinary team of consultants, under the direct leadership of our 5th Year Fellowship young adults, along side targeted mentors, to provide innovative consultative services to businessess & organizations within our community. I would love to host a variety of engaging learning opportunities, to force collisions between intentional individuals of all ages to serve, submit & invest into one another & the community.