TedX Talk

How I Found Clarity In My Calling

A while back I was given the incredible honor of delivering my first TedX Talk. For those of you who are not familar with Ted Talks, the TED organization facilitates mini conferences & subsequently a massive YouTube Channel full of these short talks, that all fit under the umbrella of "Ideas Worth Spreading." Their philosophy states, that anything worth saying, can be said in 18 minutes or less, and now has one of the world's best known libraries of these talks.


I was asked to give this talk 9 or 10 months prior to the date, and instantly agreed! Over those months there were many checkpoints, deliverables, which brought constant feedback & strategies to help each of us speakers make the most of our brief window of opportunity. The TedX Normal event is one of thousands of independently organized TedX Events around the world, and though it is locally organized, it is still tightly constrained & curated by the TED organization. All that to be said, I'm thrilled with the opportunity to share my story & hope that it can be used as a catalyst, to point people towards live's of meaning & purpose!