LeRoy Preparatory Academy

Empowering Students to Live a Life Worthy of REspect

Early in my education career, I began to experience extreme frustration with the options available for students who needed school to look different.  After one of my students who had some real struggles in his rearview mirror, got suspended, again, for losing his cool while attempting to write a research paper, I knew that something had to change for him & others like him.  There the idea for the LPA was born.


After word vomiting what we should be doing different for these kids to Gary Tipsord, my then school administrator, he quickly followed up with,


“why don’t we do that?”

I replied, “do what?” 

He quickly snapped back, “Start our own school.  Why don’t we start our own alternative school, just like you described.”


We went down the verbal banter path with that for a while, then a year and a half later the LPA officially opened it’s doors. Since it’s inception, the LPA has helped numerous students, from 5 area rural school districts, gain access to an educational environment & philosophy that was better suited for them. All of it was made completely possible by the foundational belief in ALL KIDS from the LeRoy CUSD #2 Board of Education & from the tireless efforts of the outstanding staff that I had the privilege to lead for the first 6 years of the school’s existence.


Though I know longer lead the school, I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to start something, that thankfully the right people are in place to continue making a dent in the lives of young people for a long time to come!


For more information on the LPA feel free to watch the videos below, or check out the school’s website at lpa.leroyk12.org