In the Clear

A Transforming Community of Creative Individuals Investing in Culture

One thing you should know about me, is that am surrounded by creative & strategic people, who are all exceedingly cooler than I am. I have a strength called CONNECTEDNESS that more often presents itself as making me both a middle man & instigator, pulling these seemingly disparate groups of people & passions together to accomplish something beautiful. In The Clear is one facet of The Square Group that leverages the unique gifts of these marketing & digital storytelling members of our fictitious team to provide an active exponent into the efforts of others.


This first got started with a typical “Big Idea” I had based off of a conversation with dear friends where we all were seeking to better balance our “grown up lives” filled with careers, kids & mortgages, while at the same time wishing we still had the ability to be able to give our creative efforts away to aid the efforts of well meaning causes. The dream is that we could get to a 50-50 “In the Clear” concept, meaning 50% of our efforts would pay for 100% of our efforts, allowing us to give away 50% of our efforts to well meaning endeavors or Non-Profit organizations who can’t afford quality marketing. The hope would also be to bring along the next generation, through meaningful internships, allowing us to invest in the next generation as we do this work to build a sustainable ecosystem that propels this initiative for the long haul.


We get glimpses & brief opportunities to run with this dream periodically, and are trusting that if God wills, someday we can put it fully into motion!  For now, check out the work of some of those involved:


Josh Jeffrey:






Chad Parker:




Dave Rawlins: