Changing the Conversation

Digital Stories About What is Possible in Public Education

After becoming what I call a “digital disciple” of Josh Jeffrey , I quickly looked for ways to add an exponent into the innovative efforts of the LeRoy Community School District, under the forward thinking leadership of Superintendent Gary R. Tipsord.This small rural school district took on some audacious pursuits, and in turn continues to create tremendous opportunities for their students. As a member of the school district’s leadership team, I took on the responsibility of documenting the district’s efforts in an attempt to better engage the educational community in our state with content that Changed the Conversation About what is Possible in Public Education. 


Check out my most recent video project here, based off of the quote from Google's Educational Evangelist, Jaime Casap:

"What if we stopped asking kids, what do you want to be when you grow up? And instead asked them, what problem do you want to solve in the world? Then, asked, what do you think you will need to learn in order to solve that problem?"



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