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Worthy of their Calling 



Over the past several years, I have had the joy & privilege of coming alongside hundreds of individuals, couples and families as they seek to find greater clarity in their callings. I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting these conferences, retreats & seminars, but I particularly enjoy diving in with people knee cap to knee cap where it all started. One on one, with intentional conversation over latte’s, between two or three people, finding clarity & direction together.


With everyone’s schedules cluttered, and continuous attacks on our time, this may not be the best option for everyone, but for some waiting for the next event or flying solo with a digital experience just isn’t what is needed. If this is you, I’d love to schedule FOUR 1.5 hour meetings, typically from 1:30pm to 3:00pm where we can journey through the Clarity in Calling Process, together. During these 1 on 1 meetings I will share parts of my own story & journey, providing you with the structure & permission needed to help you take the next steps towards self awareness. Between each meeting, you will have a few assignments to work on, that will typically require some level of self-reflection &/or conversation with friends, mentors & loved ones. Then at our next meeting, we will discuss what you’ve learned & move into the next step of the process.


Coaching Cost - $350



Week 1

HISTORY – Look Back 


Week 2



Week 3



Week 4

OPPORTUNITY – Look Forward


If you are interested in finding greater clarity in your calling & working with me 1 on 1 through this process to find more direction on what is next for your life, simply fill out the form below & I will get in touch to answer any questions or to set up our first meeting! 


Robbie O